So I’ve been getting into dancing again

Yep, after a few years of not being able to dance I finally and properly got back into belly dancing. Without falling, tripping, or making too much of an ass out of myself. XD In any case, I did a 50 minute exercise of it, and felt pretty good after it. Which is rare. After most exercise I’m usually exhausted and say never again. But dancing is great fun – especially when your hips don’t complain during or after. Ah hip replacements.. it’s been 2 years since my first one and 1 year since the second. It feels good to get back into the game so to speak.

This is a video of the choreography I was learning. It’s great fun. 🙂


7 thoughts on “So I’ve been getting into dancing again

  1. I have Jillina’s “Shape Up n’ Hip Out” dance exercise DVD. Currently I’m working with Sadie’s “Belly Dance Body” and it is kicking my ass. I adore Sadie though.

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    1. I have the “Instructional Bellydance with Jillina” levels one and two. Ooh, haven’t tried that one. Bellydancing really does kick your ass doesn’t it? Good thing it’s fun though. XD


      1. Yeah, I’m trying to do better about sticking with it, ’cause man if you stop you really lose your flexibility and muscle memory. It’s like I’m having to start all over again with shimmying for instance. I’m also learning not to kill myself with doing a WHOLE video and learning too many moves at once. Splitting up the sections means each day is different so it lessens the chance of getting tired of it.

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  2. I know right? I’ve really got to work on my shimmies. Oh yeah, I just looked at how long the video you have is… no wonder you’re breaking it up.


  3. Also, I kind of felt like someone was watching me dance yesterday. I think it may have been Loki. 🙂 Good thing I didn’t fall, trip, or make an ass of myself eh? XD


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