Forgot to update yet again

So remember when I talked about my (now former) best friend on the blog? Well, as just mentioned, we’re no longer friends and no longer speaking to each other. The friendship ended in February of this year. I forgot to post about it here (life just got busy and stuff), and I know that some of you aren’t on my Facebook friends list so you wouldn’t have heard about the absolute insanity that happened.

See, in February, I finally got sick of my former friend’s behaviour (not answering my FaceTime calls, or texts, etc) and sent her a Facebook message. See, I’d been feeling ignored and stuff. I knew that she was busy with her Doctoral program, but even so, before she had time to talk. I also told her about how I felt when certain topics were brought up (more on that later). I really really tried to be respectful. Then she replied with this really hurtful message:

“First of all, no I’m not ignoring you. Unfortunately every time you want to FaceTime, it’s bad timing. I’m busy with my Doctoral program which is A LOT of work. Just like when you were busy with your Bachelors, it’s stressful. And at a doctoral level stress. Second of all our friendship is important yes, but also I’ve personally noticed a lot of changes in you which I feel is a culmination of your medical issues and psych issues. I feel like there are times where you are coming to me seeking more of Psychiatric professional help versus just wanting to chat. Yes I am fully aware I am heading into the Mental health arena, but I’m not there yet. A lot of the time your crises really needs professional counseling and for me to get caught up in between that is not fair to me or to you. No that doesn’t mean I won’t be there to support you, I’ve supported you since I first met you in elementary school. That’s not gonna change, but maybe it’s time you and your psychiatrist come up with a plan for when you need crisis support. I feel like that’s lacking a lot and something that definitely needs to be worked on. Thirdly (husband’s name removed) has nothing against LGBTs. In fact he supports everyone’s rights in general. He wouldn’t give a crap if his kids grew up straight or whatever preference they choose. If you are misinterpreting his statements, then you need to clarify or ask versus just assume. Fourth, every time we FaceTime, we end up not talking after awhile because either one or both of us have ran out of things to say or you’re just surfing on your laptop not saying anything. This has been our routine for pretty much all the time. If you want to chat, fine, but don’t get upset over stretches of silence because no one is saying anything. Lastly if you want to talk then just text me and we can hash it out face to face.”

Yeah. Very hurtful. Yes, how dare I get cancer and have depression. Also, my psych doc is awesome, and we have been working on ways to help me get through hard times. Furthermore, what’s with my former friend saying that being LGBT is a preference? How was I supposed to talk with her when she was ignoring my texts? I feel sorry for her future patients if this is how she treats people with mental health issues. I really think her husband turned her against me. Just a feeling. Before him, she never seemed to have an issue with my having depression and stuff. But yeah, that’s what happened there. It still hurts me that after 25 years she could say such stuff. I kept the messages on my Facebook, just to remind myself not to ever forgive her. Cause most of what she said? Unforgivable.

Anyway, felt I needed to get that off my chest. Thanks for reading, y’all.


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