Yay my new necklace came!

Yep, and it feels great. Also, I apologize for my face. I’m a bit tired right now. But yay for the pretty necklace by Beth. 🙂 It’s dedicated to Loki, and I feel great with it on. I love the little snake. I love all of it. Advertisements

So.. that job I was so excited about? Yeah, didn’t work out. Not so good for my mental health. Anyway, I’ve been looking for other stuff to do, aside from writing, to pass the time. I should have a job at the latest by July 30th, so that’s not too bad. My cat is still … More

So I’ll be going into a new job on Monday (my current one ends on Tuesday morning), and I’m looking forward to it. Hopefully everything will go smoothly. I’m hopeful that it will be though. Getting a rune/tarot/etc reading done for Sunday and I’m looking forward to the results for that. Hoping that it’ll be … More