An Examination of Gender In Viking Age Scandinavia

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Loki Laufeyjarson, referred to as male in the texts but had conceived children and seduced a horse by turning himself into a mare. Credits: Saskia de Korte Implicit in a lot of discussion about trans people (which, of course, rarely overlaps with discussion including trans people) is this idea that trans people,…


Just an update

Man, when’s the last time I updated this thing? In any case, just wanted to update you all on how things are going for me. Things were a bit rough for a while there, but my parents both really stepped up and were there for me. So major hugs and such to them. I also … More Just an update

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Okay. So I’ve been a little lazy lately when it comes to updating my blog. More tired lately than usual. Oh, my birthday was fine. Got nice things and spent some time with friends and my parents. Was weirdly lonely after my friends left – I don’t usually have people over and am used to … More Ooh an update